How to Get around DRM

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How to Get around DRM?

how to remove drmDRM is short for Digital Rights Management. Many music, videos, eBooks downloaded or purchased from online store are protected with DRM. So users can't transfer, copy, edit, share them with friends. So how to get around DRM in music, videos and eBooks?

Here we list two methods for getting around DRM. One is to get around DRM for music and videos. The other is to get around DRM from eBooks.

Part 1: Get around DRM from Music and Videos

DRM Media Converter is a powerful DRM Removal tool which can remove DRM from music and videos. Such as remove DRM from iTunes music or videos, remove Bearshare DRM, remove DRM from BBC iPlayer, and so on.

Furthermore, DRM Media Converter can convert music and videos between almost all popular music and video formats.

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Part 2: Get around DRM in eBooks

Here we list several eBook DRM Removers for popular eBook formats: PDF, ePub, Kindle.

PDF DRM Removal Software can remove DRM from PDF files easily and fast. No need to backup the source files. The decrypted files will be saved to another folder.

ePub DRM Remover can help you get around DRM in ePub files. With intuitive interface, even a novice can use it easily.

Kindle DRM Remover can help you remove DRM from AZW, MOBI and PRC eBooks. After DRM removal, you can read the books on iPad, iPhone, iTouch, Sony, Android, Nook etc.