How to Convert Kindle Books to NOOK Format Easily

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How to Convert Kindle Books to NOOK?

how can i convert kindle books to nookIf you bought a Kindle book from, you may want to read the Kindle books on NOOK. So is it possible to read Kindle books on NOOK? And is it possible to convert Kindle books to NOOK? The answer is YES!

Books downloaded from may have DRM protection. So if you have DRM AZW books, you need to remove DRM from Kindle with Kindle DRM Remover before converting Kindle books to NOOK.

The tutorial below describes how to convert Kindle books to NOOK format step by step.

Guide: How to Convert Kindle Books to NOOK Step by Step?

Step 1: Turn on your Amazon Kindle. Then, connect it to your computer through its USB cable. Open the ebook that you want to convert from Kindle to NOOK. Scroll to the first page, click on the first letter of the first word of the ebook, and click on the Select wheel. After that, go to the last page of the ebook and click on the space after the last word. Next, click on the Select wheel. The entire ebook will then be highlighted, and a certain percentage of it will be copied to your My Clippings folder as a TXT file.

Step 2: Go to your Start menu and open your My Computer or Computer folder. Choose the Removable Drive folder that represents your Kindle. Click on your My Clippings folder and move the copied TXT file inside it to the Desktop.

Step 3: Use a USB cable to connect the NOOK to your computer. Click on My Computer or Computer and double click on the Removable Disk drive icon that represents your Nook. Drag the Kindle ebook from the Desktop and drop it in the My Documents folder of the NOOK.

Done! Just with 3 steps, you can easily convert Kindle books to NOOK! If you think this tutorial is useful, share it with more guys who need to convert Kindle books to NOOK!

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