How to Zoom PDF on Kindle

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How to Zoom PDF on Kindle?

pdf zoom on kindleKindle eBook reader is is a device developed by which allows you to read books, magazines, newspapers. For example, read PDF on Kindle. But sometimes, you may find it difficult to zoom PDF on Kindle when you find the PDF on Kindle's screen is too small for eyes to read comfortably, don't worry, the built-in "zoom" feature can magnify the text into a bigger size.

Following is how to zoom PDF on Kindle step by step.

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Tutorial: How to Zoom PDF on Kindle?

Step 1: Turn on your Kindle by pushing the power switch on the bottom of the device. And select a PDF document to read in the menu of your Kindle e-reader by using the arrow keys on the Kindle keyboard. Then press the Aa button on the Kindle keyboard when the document you want to read is open.

Step 2: The second step is to look for the Font Size menu to appear on the screen. A selection of zoom percentage options will appear within the menu. Select the zoom percentage based on how large you want the text to appear.

Step 3: And next, position the zoom box around the text you want to zoom in on in the PDF document. Use the directional arrow keys to position the box correctly and press the Enter key when finished. The zoom feature will now be activated and the selected part of the PDF document will be enlarged.

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